My Powerful Warriors!

When you’re powerful – pettiness, drama and the need to criticize fall by the way side. When you’re a powerful warrior you find these things weaken your metal so to speak.

You will find you don’t need it
You don’t express it towards others

And the others that may express towards you … well my warrior darlings- it doesn’t even phase you anymore! (Snap snap)

A wise powerful warrior knows when to fight and it’s not every time someone calls you out,  responding to the drama that others may want to create, is your ego, your fear and your insecurity responding ~ it’s weakness that responds to such things- it takes strength and courage to not let them get a rise out of you.  You have that strength and the courage to stand tall and STILL.  Remember my mantra ~ BE STILL ~ until it’s time to not be still.

How will you know?

That’s what HEAP teaches you how to Be Still in the chaos and when it’s a time of inspired action. 

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