Meditation with Eyes Wide Openi

Meditation-what do you think of when you hear that word? Is there sometimes some guilt wrapped around that word for you?

Many people often associate that word with straight backed people sitting crossed legged, eyes closed, breathing deeply, while you are spastically shoving distracting thoughts out of your ever busy, twirling brain, desperately seeking this place everyone calls “centre” that you are not sure really exists, cause I’ve never been there!! (Oh there’s one of those thoughts! Where’s a pin when you need one!) which also takes 15-30 precious minutes from your day that you haven’t found time for in 10 d…a…y… weeks, if you’re being mostly honest. Sound familiar?

Well I have a solution, one that I use all the time myself, I mean honestly I have shit to do. But now I do it a lot more calmly. I am a huge believer in the act of moving meditation.

Meditation is about embracing a few things, one it is about connecting with the higher powers that be (whatever that may be for you) and your higher self and in order to connect you must be present in the now, experiencing everything in this particular moment – the sights, the sounds, the sensations on your skin, the smells and the touches.

So now that you are connected and in the now, it’s time to move – and meditation is about doing everything with and on purpose. Doing things on purpose you must think deliberately and purposefully about what you are doing right now and feeling all the sensations of this doing. By doing this, your mind and body automatically slow down and this type of meditation is particularly good for those of us with racing, busy minds. It forces your mind to focus on the task at hand and only on the task in front of us – not on the past task, nor on the future task. Just this task, right now.

And remember to breathe.

This is actually a technique to keep what is called our “monkey mind “busy. Our “monkey mind” and the one that is often nattering and chattering at us. It’s sometimes screeches and screams on occasion if we let it get out of our control. But the monkey mind is not us. For those of us that presently have a dominant “monkey mind”, like if you can’t sit still or if you can’t quiet your mind, this is an excellent type of meditation to begin with. The more you do this type of Meditation you will find the quieter and less dominant your monkey mind will be.

So with your eyes wide open, breathe and…

  1. Do the dishes, hang or fold the laundry, dust, sweep or any other household activity. They say cleaning is good for the soul – and when you’re meditating and cleaning – they are not wrong. Feel, smell, see, touch everything about whatever household task you’ve picked. Doing the dishes for instance, feel the warmth of the water, enjoyed the suds of the bubbles, wash each dish as if it were precious, put love into each pot and pan and plate, knowing your family will be cooked and served from these. Be thankful for each polished glass and fork – see it as play. You get to play in bubble filled water for the next few moments! Do each dish deliberately. There you have it just done a full meditation and got your dishes done at the same time!
  2. Colouring or drawing ~ Lose yourself in a creative way. This activity takes your brain to the Alpha state like transcendental meditation does – which opens you up to the connectedness and oneness day f the Universe. Again focus on what’s happening at hand, enjoy each colour that you use, experience each color. This process activates the happy hormone in your bloodstream – and helps you connect to your inner child.
  3. Dancing/Listening to music ~ Music has a profound effect on the human soul – it makes us do incredible things we may not be able to do without the beat of our favourite song. We’ve all seen lots of videos of elderly folks who suddenly find a rhythm, when the right song comes on it’s sings to their heart and soul and manifest in the physical in the form of dance. So dance like no one is watching, lose yourself in the flow of the music and surrender to it and you will have the angels dancing right alongside of you with joy! Music is empowering, uplifting and inspiring, it’s a form of meditation! There another great meditation and some exercise too!
  4. Forest Bathing ~ If you were imagining an antique clawfoot white ceramic soaker bathtub filled with water nestled in the perfect spot, surrounded by trees in the woods, begging to have you strip down and sink in, then you were thinking the same thoughts I did When I first heard this term about 10 years ago and as much fun as the first scenario would be forest bathing is actually a term used for when you go out in nature and immerse yourself in the beauty of Mother Nature no matter the type of forest or location if it’s in nature – experience it on purpose with deliberation. This is one of my favourite forms of meditation. I used to do this one on my farm all the time. I took many friends out for forest bathing when I was on the farm. What you need to do when you’re out there is, feel the breeze, feel the sun or the rain, feel the ground beneath your feet is it grassy, stony, is it a rock, solid and strong beneath you? Is it Sand or earth? What plant life is there? What trees are there? Have you hugged any of the trees? If you don’t want to do that and be a literal tree hugger then you can just shake their hand. How do you shake the trees hand, you ask?.

You go up to one of their branches and you gently envelop their leaves [not too hard, no one likes a crushing handshake, but especially not treats.] And you do a bit of a caress with one of their leaves – what you are doing is acknowledging their beauty and giving a loving exchange of energy. You give them some grateful energy and they in turn give you some glorious joyful tree energy! I really think we get the better deal of the exchange.

5. Playing with Crystals & Flowers

Don’t wait for your love to buy you flowers go out and pick the ones you love,whether it’s from your own garden or gathered from mother nature that she has generously and wildly provided or even if it’s in support of your local florist, gather your flowers and crystals together. Ask the crystals and flowers to help you set the intention to raise your vibration to bring abundance and joy to your day. Then take the next while to play! With deliberation start arranging your crystals and petals don’t overthink it and remember to breathe there aren’t any exact formulas, just arranged by what feels good and see what happens when you let the energy flow. This my darlings is a meditation. You will be a joy filled when you step back and see the beautiful arrangement that you have created with your beautiful crystals and flowers!

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