Tarot Spells

Tarot Spells now available at Rhonda’s Tarot Parlor!

Come and sit for a spell… My darling you look troubled, let lady rose help you shift the winds of energy and create some positive changes in your life. Whatever area of your life that may need an extra charge of energy and vibration Lady Rose can help. She calls in yours and her angels and holds sacred space to cast your spell for you. An especially anointed candle is blessed and burn for your intention during the Ritual.

Book Lady Rose for your Spell or Intention today.

We have a wide variety of Spells & Intentions to choose from. Spells can be cast “in the Parlor” in person or online for “distant Spells ”

Both are equally effective

Distance Spells are $11 per Spell

In the Parlor Spells are $16 per Spell

And of course, all Spells must be pre-paid via etransfer or through PayPal to heapofabundance@gmail.com

Pick a Spell


  • For success in starting a new business
  • To boost business success
  • For success in starting a new home business

Beauty Health & Fitness

  • For a woman for helping and working towards Beauty, health and fitness
  • For a man for help in working toward health, fitness and good looks
  • To project charm
  • To enhance attractiveness particularly sexual attractiveness
  • To preserve beauty and health and to delay aging
  • To help reverse the ageing process and recapture lost beauty

Artistic & Creative Concerns

  • For help and drawing out creative abilities gaining inspiration and fresh ideas
  • For success in the arts and other areas that call on creative abilities


  • For a general change in one’s circumstances in life
  • To get away from a bad environmental situation
  • To encourage positive changes within a person institution or organization
  • For help in adjusting to a difficult or Traumatic change of circumstances
  • For success in starting a family


  • For strength health safety and ease of childbirth
  • To encourage the conception of a baby girl
  • To encourage the conception of a baby boy

Action Forward

  • To get action and or set forces and motion
  • To stimulate a particular person to “get going”

Addictions & Bad Habits

  • For help in overcoming an addiction or bad habit


  • For help in finding a lost animal or animals
  • For the protection of threatened or endangered animals


  • For success when faced with strong competition


  • For courage in facing a difficult situation


  • For help in making the best decision
  • For help in sticking with a difficult situation


  • To achieve an amicable divorce
  • For a favourable divorce settlement


  • To encourage good dreams
  • To encourage prophetic dreams


  • For cheerfulness good moods and a positive outlook
  • To purge one self of old emotional pain and guilt


  • To discourage an enemy from coming around
  • To restrain the actions of a malicious person
  • To undo and put write the actions of a malicious person


  • For a truce in family quarrels
  • For a happy relationship with both parents
  • For a happy relationship with your father
  • For a happy relationship with your mother

Farms & Gardens

  • For fertility of crops and general success in farming


  • To attract many friends
  • To attract influential friends to network for business purposes

Health & Healing

  • For all-around good health
  • To aid healing a physical problems

Houses & Homes

  • For help in finding your dream home
  • For the successful sale of a house

Jobs & Job Hunting

  • To win a job
  • To gain a job interview with a potential employer
  • To gain a promotion or a raise


  • To tap the subconscious mind for knowledge

Legal Issues

  • For success in a legal undertaking

Love & Romance

  • To attract love
  • To win the love of a certain person


  • To attract good luck
  • For good luck in games or gambling


  • To encourage dentures to repay debts
  • to attract money and prosperity


  • To summon motivation enthusiasm and focus

Obstacles & Challenges

  • To overcome obstacles presented by individuals


  • For protection defence and safety

Psyche Development

  • To help develop the psyche


  • To stop a quarrel or dispute and to reconcile opponents
  • For help in holding your own in disagreements with a particular person


  • For self-improvement and self transformation


  • For releasing stress


  • To recover stolen property

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