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I am very lucky that I have so many loyal friends and clients that are amazing at supporting me, Lady Rose, both financially and emotionally in my business endeavours of running Goddess Garage and Rhonda’s Tarot Parlor. And one thing that I teach in HEAP of Abundance and many other manifesting courses or programs out there is to give back. And I have been thinking about some way I could spoil my best clients and loyal friends! And I have come up with The Goddess Garage Tribe!

The Goddess Garage Tribe is a VIP program for any of my clients that want to become my best clients!

Here’s what you get by being a Goddess and part of the Tribe!

~ A monthly Tarot/Oracle card check in – a 20 min Reading just to see how things are going.

~ A Forecast of the energy around you for the month – know what energy you are working with and learn how to work with yourself instead of against yourself

~ Unlimited Yes/No Tarot Readings

~ Priority service – have priority when booking a Full Tarot Reading, Healing Session, Spell casting, HEAP one on one sessions and first dibs on seats for events or Circles

~ Exclusive Discounts (Goddess only) on Any online Tarot Readings, Distant Healing Sessions, Distant Spell Casting or HEAP one on one Sessions.

~ Also Goddess only discounts on events and Circles

Plus as an added bonus – you will receive a special Magickal Package from Lady Rose and Special Sponsors full of Rituals, tools, Spells and lots of other goodies when you sign up!

Your membership as part of the Goddess Garage Tribe will not only get you great deals but will provide you a wonderful way to make some great connections and be part of a strong group of goddesses!

For the monthly fee of $49 you can be part of the Tribe and get special Goddess only pricing and membership.

How? It’s easy – just message Lady Rose on Facebook at Rhonda’s Tarot Parlor with your phone number. She will call you herself and set you up for your monthly membership!

Become a Goddess today and find your tribe!

Merry, Wise & Gentle Be ?

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