Fairy Tale Spring Self Care

Now that the Merry month of May is here, the promise of warmer days, buzzing bees and blooming flowers draws us out to enjoy and find the hope of happy, sunny days ahead.

Now is a perfect time to reflect on some of the projects and goals for this fresh new month- that we could be embracing to give ourselves some tender self care. ?

It’s a time to celebrate the fairies!?‍♀️

As they are waking from their long hibernation, we often think of the veil being thin in October but we often forget that the veil is thin in May too. It’s a great time to commune with the fairies, past love ones and Mother Nature, herself.

Here are some ideas for self-care in May!

1. Create a beautiful outdoor space for yourself – including a comfortable chair or lounger surrounded by nature or beautiful potted plants and flowers. A space where you can be still, sip a delicious coffee or a refreshing lemonade and enjoy a good book or some reflective journaling.

2. Pick or buy some flowers for yourself! Flowers aren’t meant just for funerals enjoy them now, drink in their beautiful colours and enjoy their wonderful fragrance.

3. Buy yourself a big floppy hat or some kind of spring scarf – it’s a lovely and practical treat. Both are great for good sun protection in the summer days ahead.

4. Bring out your creative artist and find a thrift shop table and paint it up in a lovely spring time pattern. Use it to hold your lemonade and a good book beside your chair in your beautiful outdoor space.

5. Be your own Cinderella and feed your little animal helpers ~ put food out for the birds and the chipmunks and the squirrels – plant flowers to attract and feed the bees and the hummingbirds. And remember it’s a gift to have a moment with these creatures – so if you have the pleasure – stop, be still, be quiet and savour the gift that you have been given in being able to share some space and time with these other little beings.

6. The other fairy princess to embrace is your inner Snow White – open the windows, let the sunshine in and get out your broom and sweep out all the cobwebs and dust ~ the winter has collected. Let’s do a little old-fashioned spring cleaning! Clean out a closet or drawer or both and make room for the abundance of the summer bounty!

7. Re-read a favourite fairytale or children’s book that you remember from your childhood. Nurture your inner little girl and read her a story.

8. Set a goal for yourself that you can get done by the summer – whether it’s personal or professional goal – it’s good to have achievable small goals to remind us of the feeling of completing a task and of the winning mindset. Or even the next phase of a big project, to get in the feeling of flow and the energy of moving ahead.

9. Have a nap! Nothing is more energizing. Fall asleep in a sunbeam – whether inside or outside – if there is one thing my pet dogs and cats have taught me is the value of a good nap – and to really up your napping game find the best sunbeam and create some super stoked healing energy. A nap is one of the best and easiest ways to love yourself. Give your permission to be the Sleeping Beauty.

10. Create a fairy alter – or leave some milk out in the window or just leave a little corner of your yard wild, to attract a fairy portal. It’s lovely to have a little fairy energy around – it’s healing, protective and brings good luck!

11. Get a Tarot reading done – a Tarot reading is a conversation starter, and the conversation is all about you! You can talk about goals, possibilities, steps that need to be taken, possible outcomes, directions to head in, gifts and talents you may have forgotten you have and even play out challenges or frustrations you may encounter, in the safe space of the Tarot circle. It’s always good to have a little “check in” reading – it’s like a course correction, a reading of your life maps and a checking of your directions and destinations.

12. Go to a farmers market – buy some fruits and vegetables not only will you be supporting a local farmer but you’ll be feeding yourself very well – enjoy a meal outdoors, it could be a barbeque or a picnic of some sandwiches fruit and some cookies or even an ice cream cone!

13. Go for a walk – of course this is great for any season! But there’s something about the spring time energy, being out and walking around when everything is just about to burst and bloom in all it’s glory! You can just feel the excitement of this promising and motivating energy – and we can feed off of it and allow it to nurture us right to our mind, heart and soul. It will give you a spring in your step and a song to your heart. You can smile at the flowers and shake hands with the trees [a technique I teach in my Garden Lore classes] the fairies will be watching and send you spring blessings when we come out of our hovels to join in on the Merry celebrations of May!

Here are some big dates in May:

May 1st ~ Beltane

~ Mother Goose Day (Mother Goose is one of the hidden in plain sight representations of the Goddess)

2nd Sunday in May ~ Mother’s Day

All of May is dedicated to the blessed virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.

This is the month to honour our mothers for everything that she has given you including your very life!

It’s a good month to remember to say a rosary as well.

First Sunday of May ~ World Laughter Day ~ this is a good day to remember to laugh as the world needs more laughter

May 12th ~ International Nurses Day this is a good day to thank any of the nurses that you know ~ they are lifesavers!

May 24th ~ in Canada, we celebrate Victoria day which is the celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday and who doesn’t like a good birthday party!

And last

May 31st~ Anti-Tobacco Day let’s put the butts out.

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